Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inside the Fridge of a College Student

The world was on my side today when it started pouring this afternoon. I didn't have to defend my laziness to anyone! It was wonderful. I did some reading and enjoyed some more tea.

I made a seriously good dinner tonight and it was super easy. Grilled chicken, roasted zucchini squash, and a salad. Yum. I thought it'd be fun to show y'all inside the fridge of a college student while the zucchini roasted! Lets do this.

Jimmy Johns menu front center, naturally. And that handsome guy there on the top right? My pops. He says I may as well have a picture of him as a baby on my fridge since it's so old...I ignore him and put a picture of my nephew up there instead.

We've got some carrots, leftover tomato cream pasta, pickles, feta, leftover black beans, applesauce, synergy I need to finish, salad dressing, apple, strawberries, goat cheese, homemade salsa, half a zucchini.

yogurt, tomato paste, bacon grease, farm fresh eggs, red onion, last slice of banana nut bread, more bread, olives and random stuff hiding in the back, salad mix, milk, cream, leftover rice, random cheeses.

On to the freezer!

Some morning star crumbles and bacon, sunshine burgers, black bean and cheese taquitos, edamame in the back, tilapia fillets, chicken, vegetarian black bean enchiladas on the bottom, kerr jar of walnuts.

The door is boring...couple bags of frozen fruit, ice cream, cooler packs, and beer glasses...obviously.

Now onto dinner!

My freezer is ALWAYS stocked people. Because I'm thrifty :)

I started by butterflying and pounding out chicken. My mom calls this method "the Rachael Ray"

This little guy turned into THIS little guy

<3 my grill pan. This is my mothers...I have a cast iron one that is wonderful, but I have electric stoves here so things didn't work out. My mother is happily grilling now though.

So, so good. I think the roasted zucchini was my favorite thing...but of course I adore any roasted vegetable.

For the chicken I just seasoned it with salt, pepper, and cayenne.
Zucchini was just tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper.
The salad was my usual: greens, balsamic, and feta.

Now I've got a date with my TV. The Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, and Whitney ALL start tonight. ALL in a right now.

Night all!

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